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# 12


10 creators  | 240  Hours | 10 works

1. Passion

Naomi jeweler

On the first day of studying philosophy you are told - now you are in university, but where is it a university? 

Is this university buildings? Is University a Grass? Is this university pages? Where is this university?


In plague days, when I look at you through the screen, it occurs to me - 

Where is passion

Is it in the organs? Is it wet? In words?

Where is this passion?

Is it in longing? In memories?

Where is this passion?  


And in front of the blank pages 

And in front of hiking boots 

And on Payne Street in front of red rooms

Where is this passion?  


Perhaps those who were robbed of their soul machine in the days of a global plague know 

Lust 2020

Neta Rabinovich

רולו - שרשרת ׳תשוקה׳ - Lust 2020

4. Question of time

Liya Jacobi

רולו - שרשרת ׳תשוקה׳ - שאלה של זמן

3. Here was a touch

splendor  Ben Porat

Here was a touch.

Yes, there are signs left -

Like reading

In the palm of the hand

The timeline.


But the moments of touch,

And times pass.

To this as well as to this

There are more signs.


Only wrinkles remain

And listed lines: here

There was a touch

5. Included

Sigal Arie

6. Balance - a joint effort

Meller's songs

רולו - שרשרת ׳תשוקה׳ - איזון- מאמץ משתף

7. Imagine you are a mouse

Neta Fulbermacher

8. Searching

Oz Wirt

9. Universe

Solly Feinstein's eyes

רולו - שרשרת ׳תשוקה׳ - searching
רולו - שרשרת תשוקה - יוניברס

10. Birthday

Vered Ben Zion

- The creators -

Naomi jeweler

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