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Moscow - Tel Aviv

The 3rd edition of Rollo International is exploring art in the age of  social  distancing in new and exciting ways!

Rollo / Score of Movement is a session of sketching dance performances accompanied by musical pieces. The project is based on the long-term experience of the Russian project "Score of Movement", which will be developed within the framework of the XVI International Festival-School of Contemporary Art "Territory", thanks to the participation and support of the Israeli Embassy in Russia and with the participation of the Israeli project "Rollo".

Art Director: Anna Burd

Curator: Naomi Zoreff


For eight days, from October 2 to 10, in the spaces of the GROUND Solyanka gallery-workshop (Moscow) and the gallery in Israel, artists of various genres danced, inspiring each other: butoh, contemporary dance, contemporary ballet and art performance.

Israeli musicians and soundartists prepared works for sessions in Moscow and vice versa. On the first day, the performance marathon began in Israel and was broadcast in GROUND Solyanka (Moscow), where sketches of the moving dancer were held online; the next day, the dancer performed in GROUND Solyanka, broadcast in Israel. The project is an experiment in dance, music and sound art, as well as an unprecedented experience of artistic practice for the draftsmen who took part in it.

The last night was a Galla event that was carried out in conjunction in the two  cities (Tel Aviv and Moscow), exhibiting the exciting meeting of two art productions, from different countries, but with a similar philosophy. The GROUND Solyanka gallery, like art Rollo, specializes in cross-disciplinary programs related to artistic contacts of different people and countries.

The project is implemented with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Russia and was one of the events timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the resumption of Russian-Israeli diplomatic relations.

The Performances

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