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10 creators  | 240  Hours | 10 works

1. re

Roni Rosenbaum

2. All the Missed  Opportunities

Adi Trudler

Then, after 27 days of not leaving the house, I decided to go downstairs, breathe some fresh air, see if anything had changed in the neighborhood (nothing had changed). 

There was an envelope in the mailbox. I thought of r. Maybe he sent me a letter from America?

Dear Adi,

He will write.

Remember when we went out to eat and this old lady walked into the restaurant and sold flowers and I bought a red rose for you from that lady? I really wanted to kiss you that night, but I did not. 

He will say. 

And I will smile to myself. What a miss, I think. What a shame. As much as it does not matter anymore. I'm not who I used to be, I'm already somewhere else in life, better. 

But it was just an electricity bill.

Close distances

Orna Oren Yizraeli

4. Mother

Rotem Demand

5. I dreamed of you last night

Dawn Sash

6. I dreamed of you last night

Bar Elyakim

"I dreamed of you tonight, it was hard. I do not remember the last time we saw each other" - this is the long and justified name of Elyakim's first and masterful film in which she also wound up on screen in the lead role. Elyakim is revealed as a treasure for Israeli and international cinema. Starting with the ingenious script and uncompromising direction, Elyakim gives a pulsating and one-time display. She sucks you like a storm as if she reached out through the screen grabbed you by the shirt and pulled you inside with her on a journey. Elyakim who has never studied cinema chose to jump into the big water and learn while doing and we should all say thank you for that. Lucky she gave herself a chance and exposed us to her unique presence as a creator and actress, and our son it is not clear how even a director has yet to reveal her talent.   


"I dreamed of you tonight, it was hard. I do not remember the last time we saw each other" This is the long and exhausting name of Elyakim's first film. An unnecessary, complicated and depressing film. An old-fashioned script, a record that overlaps with a record for one who has never seriously studied cinema. Elyakim got worse when she cast herself for the lead role and it must be said that her performance is one of the worst seen on screen. No wonder she has never been cast so far and it is a pity she has not been able to draw the necessary conclusions from it. She tells the story of a woman who does nothing to get out of the circle of victims - the victim in which she is trapped. This is a heartfelt warning that you will not waste your time and money on Elyakim and avoid the contagious suffering that the work and its presence bring with them into the world.    


"I dreamed of you tonight, it was hard. I do not remember the last time we saw each other" - this is a story about a girl who dreamed of being a great actress, or creator. A writer or a model or just someone famous. Today it is clear to her that this will no longer happen, that she missed the train, that she could have done more. Today she admits she just wants peace of mind and peace to flourish without having the horrible voices of what they will say and what they will say and what they will say.


It's a story about a girl who used to write long texts about a man who fucked her shape and heart, who is blah blah blah bad and son of a bitch. She was actually good at imagery, at bleeding. There was a foam floating of precise and polished expression was young, throbbing vibrating and vibrating.
Too bad today she is writing about some girlfriend who gave birth to a girl and told her she was not generous enough.


This is a story about a brave girl who would tell boys "I dreamed of you tonight"  As an opening sentence. 

Today she is a woman, she is no longer a girl, she has too many things in a drawer that she did not say, she has a kind-hearted partner and a pleasant relationship. A beautiful house and a wedding soon.


This is a story about a woman who once dreamed of the son of a bitch, because she missed him terribly. She would like to dream about it before bed. She once told a dream she had - "I'm in the garden of our house in the moshav, and I'm naked and standing by our BBQ making huge sausages, unlike at all the little cock he had, and at my feet his bitch lies comfortably and licks herself. He's in the yard wearing work clothes with gardeners' gloves And a big opaque green garbage bag collects huge amounts of garbage scattered in the garden.When the bag is full he ties it looks at me and yells at me - I go into the house to throw it away - and I signal to him okay. ., Think for a moment whether to murder the bitch and run away or run away without murdering. And smooth skin, the blows are only inside, next to flowering lawns, parked jeeps, beautiful houses. And I am finally free. " 

When we approached her recently, and asked what she's dreaming about today she said "I'm dreaming mostly about the company that did not want to be a company,  In the dream I come across her again and again on the street - I walk on one sidewalk and she walks on the other across the road with her baby stroller, and she yells at me "Bar Bar - are you there too?" And marks down the street. Obviously I'm there - but in my head I tell myself there's no way I'll go all this way with her and invent that I must go through the apartment first. She smiles a huge smile and gets mad and shouts "Well then bye!" And I say bye and get mad at myself that I'm going to do a huge round and fucking after now just for not marching with the foreign woman who was once a friend.  


We asked maybe there is a slightly juicier, more interesting and contemporary dream and to our surprise she said "yes yes, by chance tonight  I dreamed that a friend who is still a friend, and her partner, released a two-and-a-half-hour porn movie. And it was terrible "  


"I dreamed of you tonight, it was hard. I do not remember the last time we saw each other" -  It's a story about a woman who was once a cool, cheeky and loving girl, and today is like an old snail lying in the sun on her back, like an old visor hat smelling of sweat that just wants to be put in the laundry, like a very ripe peach sitting at the top of a pile of fruit. The fat and sweaty finger.  


This is a story about a woman who has not yet been written about and may never be. She  Wasted  All her energy on building a home and achieving a good and healthy relationship, on changing all the bad patterns and finding the one forever and ever. She forgot the dreams she had and lost the ability to overcome obstacles. 

When she read the article she asked to respond: "A good good good friend who knows everything and says she no longer wants to be a friend, it's like my psychologist would tell me she does not want to treat me anymore and that I make her nauseous." 

7. Elyakim

Shai Komarov

8. Dream of a love movie in blue too

Herschel Kalman

9. Pareidolia

Nastya  Komarov

10. Anatomy of concealment

Gaia Unger

You hear a lot from me. Stories of me going imaginary distances and climbing snowy hills and steep mountains. I carefully choose the parts of my mind that sparkle enough for display, but if you put everything on silence the atmosphere suddenly becomes cloudy. Because when you pay close attention to the movements of the hesitant bodies, you can discover all the things that sit below the surface. Inside my ears, for example, she is uncomfortably folded by the uncertainty that listens to every bit of gossip while trying to grasp a fraction of reality. And if we go down a little, we will find the mental tension inherent in the muscles that are regularly occupied in my back. Contain within them fears, worries, who will be and what will happen and other troublesome questions. We will continue our journey and reach the congested lungs. Squeezed because they never let go until the end, because they themselves do not allow. Or maybe it's me who does not allow them ... Right next to them is my stomach, which is constantly buzzing and rumbling. It is not known whether the real difficulty is hers or mine. It mixes in it a night of emotions from ups and downs, from successes to failures. Desperately trying to find balance, a moment of rest, but thinking and chewing thoughts I keep going. Sometimes I hope, or actually wonder, what a moment will look like when I let everyone be heard.

- The creators -

Roni Rosenbaum

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