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# 03


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2. I

Uriah Meidan

3. Who? Me?

Shira Steinitz

רולו- סבב ׳אורגזמה׳- יצירה  3- 'who? me?'.jpg

1. Reminder: Do not sleep with players

Anna Board

You met him at an event at the Cinematheque which is an exhibition that is also a performance. Or in short some cardboard things they put behind them  Projector and you paid 50 shekels at the entrance to see and at the end they had the smell of feet. And no, that's not really a planetarium. It's a tent  Plastic inside the Cinematheque. And do not ask people to take off their shoes in mid-August in Tel Aviv, because then everything they will remember  From your performance is the one that had the smell of feet.

The actor is a handsome guy. At the information gathering stage, in addition to an in-depth investigation of his Facebook profile, you can find out more details about him  Also basic on the page on his agent's website: for example the fact that he was in the theater department, or the names of the fringe plays in which  Served as a description. The agent = the one who believed in him enough to give him the option to cut a coupon on him, but for now not  She arranged for him no work.

In order for the player to take a step in your direction, you have to be the one who makes it clear to him that you are really in his interest. And that he is a wheel  A cigarette itself is really impressive. And also the fact that he drinks so nicely with straw and left the house in his pants. even though  This is a person who has turned the need for positive reinforcements from the environment into a profession.

At the end the actor will take you home, yours, so he can decide when he's running away, because he's basically a tormented person who is not connected  To his emotion lately, and his acting teacher in front of a camera says he is not crying enough.

The actor has a problem with intimacy. I mean, that's what he's going to tell you after he stops sleeping with you in the middle - because he is not  Practiced enough in Nissan Lane on the phrase "Tachles you are not doing this to me as I thought and I am dying to fly away."

At this point you will no longer believe anything he says because you will understand that you are sleeping with an actor again. In the next step you will understand  That the reason he has a problem with intimacy is the fact that he's the most self-centered thing since the last actor you slept with.  After all, you will probably need to hear and contain the monologue "Who am I?" what am I? How do you know? Why? what are we doing  Here? And what does all this mean? '

Here you can try to thread something on breaking the fourth wall to sound like you're connecting to his world, but this  Basically just a message from your subconscious, which most now wants the ceiling to collapse on both of you. Keep in mind that in response it is made  Explain to you that technically, the fourth wall is not exactly where you pointed it out but a little further to the right.

At the end the actor will want to go, give you a kiss on the cheek while mumbling "Thank you for taking care of me". Now there is little chance he will understand  That the least he could do was give you a decent kiss, or at least not end up with the new bedspread you just bought  Finally after talking about it for six months. But you probably already have the "laundry spray" in hand.

In the morning buy Fostinor just in case you did not really understand what happened there and if at all, and did this company ever tell you  That a seed can swim really far from charity, and in a few degrees wash a bedspread for NIS 500, and the pharmacist will tell you "Wow wow,  Do you know how many of these I have already sold today? '

After you take the postinor, you'll swear again that you will not sleep with actors in life anymore. After you swear again, can be  Go into Tinder even though you told everyone you deleted it, and at the same time keep yourself away from laces. By the way, not from experience of course,  On the players 'agencies' websites you will find many more like him. And next time, before you go, soul, if only you could  Leave me NIS 350 for the treatment? I save for the vibrator.

4. Finish

Encourage Kishik

רולו- סבב ׳אורגזמה׳- יצירה  4- ׳לגמור׳.jpg

6. I want to commit suicide in class

Rita Kagan


I want to commit suicide in class, as in the stories of Or. Henry. Of all the options, it suits me best  Cutting the veins, what's more, the act of self-cutting is no stranger to me. I first did it  At the age of fourteen. But that's not the point. The thing is, I do not have a bath at home, so go and cut your veins  When you do not have a bath at home. In my opinion this is a conspiracy against poor women, as Simon put it well  De Beauvoir in one of her books, a thin novel about a young, rich and tormented woman who did not know  In cheap housing, showers are installed, or worse, carelessly paved squares, with drainage openings  Exposed and adjustable rods for hanging curtains - rods made of plastic, loosely connected  And curved. I hated this book a bit. Tormented or not, at least the protagonist had a bath. Probably  De Beauvoir also had a bath. I also hate de Beauvoir a little. Who ignored a Jewish murder  France time Vichy regime, who? But that's not the point. The thing is, in the absence of a bath, suicide  Mine will be a failure like the one in "The Last Emperor." No scalpel, which I will make sure to buy in advance,  No careful cutting along the vein or its width, will not save bereavement and failure, from inpatient hospitalization,  And then - from forced hospitalization in a dark spring home with a spring name, "Alley Lane" or "Peace  Cherry. "To die of blood loss is polluting, and I do not feel like polluting the house, even before the arrival of  Nadezhda. Nadezhda has been my assistant for eight years. She is the object of the long relationship  Most I've had with a human being, except for family members. I always clean the house well in the evening  Coming. Therefore cutting veins in the sink or leaking shower due to loosening of the silicone strip  Sealant, not coming  In account. So I said, a boutique hotel. I'll be lost in a horribly expensive boutique hotel, as in the stories of  or. Henry, though at or. This Henry happened at a cheap hotel, and the suicide was made through inhalation  cooking gas. I will be lost in a restored building in an eclectic style, in the heart of "Ahuzat Beit". Smooth walls  In pastel green. Grass-green wooden shutters with brass handles, in the shape of a lady's head with a bonnet.  Something artistic, designed with lavish restraint. Contemporary and terrifying art. Russian-like rug, with  Psychedelic developments of bleeding vaginas, incised tongues and teeth. And bath. petition. Lebanese.  Shining. Rounding. Carried on lion claws - made of brass. And above it a mirror. Rounding.  Held in lizard tails - made of brass. This will be the bath I'll lose myself in. It will be  Big enough to hold all the shed money, and if some of it still slides on the quasi-Russian carpet,  No one will notice. Because the developments. And the tongues. Vandejda will be pleased. That is, she will not be  satisfied. She is never satisfied. She's the most dissatisfied person I know. But she will be  Not a little less pleased than she might be, had she not come and found the floor of my little apartment  Bathing in blood.

5. foreeeel

Anat Bosek

7. Death Does  Away With Me

Noa Livnat Agmon

8. A leaf rose

Elad Hillel and Yotam Dizitsar

9. Meditation with bees

Hila Luger

10. Workout-Inside

Roni Artzi

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Anna Board

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