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10 creators | 240 hours | 10 creations

1. Breach

Reut Inbar

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Tamar Arbel

3. Quarantine Online

Rotem Adrian

4. Stay Home

Joy Rieger

5. Home 

Oded Rotem

6. Air

Anat Einher

רולו- סבב ׳פירצה׳ - יצירה  5- ׳בית׳.jpg
רולו- סבב ׳פירצה׳ - יצירה  6- ׳אוויר׳.jpg

7. Practice



Naked lines of darkness

draw the inner wrinkle,

the discomfort,

the time.

They lack grace, I thought.

But something about the split connected fingers,

about the gentle contact with the void,

about seeking to grow,

sprouted compassion

in me.  

8. Alone

Oz Zloof

9. Social Isolation - BreakingOut

Anna RKY

רולו- סבב ׳פירצה׳ - יצירה  9- ׳Social Isolation - BreakingOut׳.jpg

10. He tells himself about himself / and now also a little about his neighbor

Tal Inbar


One guy is sitting in quarantine.

Because there is a global epidemic.

And it's really scary out there.


He is not afraid for himself. He tells himself about himself.


He is scared of getting infected and infecting his 70-year-old, diabetic neighbor, with whom he has been sitting on the roof once a day since it all started.


Yesterday, as they sat, he told her about Gal again.

"She looked so nice actually."

She was really nice, he thought to himself, why did he have to cheat on her?


Maybe they could have had a nice time in quarantine now.

Then he remembered they wouldn't have.

He is still afraid for himself.


And now a little for the neighbor

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Reut Inbar

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