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10 creators  | 240  Hours | 10 works

1. Secret

Gamma Fried

2. There is no name

Michael Shevdron

3. There is no name

Orit Engel

4. Time Lapse

Sivan Sebbag

5. Enter the circle

Yair Zuckerman

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, they did not know, perhaps for a moment wondered,

But they did not know that the earth revolved around its axis. Be sure he is a plank, that he is  Flat,

Will answer a plate, 

And did not know that it was round.

Therefore, live life in a straight, uniform line, with no shifts.

What does that mean? for example...


Holidays are the result of circularity, such a recurring circularity. The world saw that people live in circles, so he responded to them. Made some mess, earthquake there, epidemic elsewhere, tornado, storms, what not. 

Just got a little out of the stream.

                 That have already come out!

Once upon a time they wondered ...

                     So they argued!

Until we got smaller and smaller ...

At first it started small, a few days a week, we would define it as "work!"

Yes, that's what it's called, work, go, come back, do repetitive,  

                                  Go, come back ....

                                  Do ... Repetitive ...

Until they got tired, they said, "Wait a minute a minute ... because the ball is round? Just because of that?"

"Yes, of course, what do you mean ... what, because everything is circular ..." they replied,

"like what?",

            "What do you mean, everything!"  

             It goes like this, they thought:

There is a ball, there is a marble, there is a ballpoint pen, there is circular motion

 (it's clear),

There is a circle that is a radius that is not allowed to go out or allowed in, there is a handle, 

Circular, yes, circular! Such a sphere, so in general ...

What?! ... has full,  

                 What ... you have a flashing light, you have a logo - a small symbol, you have a button on the lapel of the garment,

You have an egg!  

                 What ... you also have ...

"Wait, second!" They said, "An egg is an oval."

"So an egg is an oval, so what?"

"So, sometimes far, sometimes close,

                       Sometimes summer sometimes winter,

                                   "Sometimes it's humid and sometimes it's windy."

So there is also an ellipse,

               come on,  

                     managing director,  



What is this, eh? What is??!!







                                                                                    (Figure # 1 - Illustration) 

Time is "it", obviously, it's what it is,

Work you said? After all, there they saw, there is a time, it is called the "in between", 

At work, yes?

Between and washing, between and eating, between and sleeping, between and getting up for work, between and running, between and on top of each other, between and discarded, between and dryer, between and between marriage !! 

(Congratulations !! He and it totally you and he and of course the dress ... wow,

 And of course you, Ya Allah, 

What kind of man are you?

 You played it with you, wow, how much in between you will have, and the children ... the children ...) 

Between and life itself, between and divorcing

(Well we said from the beginning, you and he it really is not him and you,

And you, was clear, well, we told you it was not and you insisted yes), 

In between taking a shakhta ...

Then it creates more in between, which you did not mean to have,  

                        But more, more, more in between,

Between and prepare for the between and the next ... for the between and ...

So repetitive between and ... between and ... between and ...


So that's how they claimed ...

I did not invent, you know. 

It all started from what Flat  Who thought.

Think far, these, eh? 


Yes, yes, that's how I thought ... that they thought.

that's how it is,

Started small, I already said.

Now a little intensified ...

What do you mean, what intensified? Well, all in between, you know.

All understood and.

6. Divorce  

Inda Martinez Tselski

7.  cara con muchos ojos

Magdalena Fraga Lauhirat

8. to be

Anemone Malkin

9. Has Been

Yael Ravid

10. Two


- The creators -

Gamma Fried

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