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# 09


10 creators  | 240  Hours | 10 works


Ilai Green



Giselle recited in a French lesson

Makes exaggerated movements with her mouth


Now it's your turn


We came back after her exaggerating in our turn

And I followed her


Just after her

And not after the thresholds of the teacher of the Shelah

Who in turn tried to memorize the principles of navigation

Map, moon and elevation lines


I chased after him and the kids laughed

Sefi sent a serious look and I was in the hallway

Goes to the teachers' room

Maybe I'll see Giselle

Like yesterday in a dream

In the private lesson

Only she and I



The teacher of French 

2. co

Elad Zada

רולו - שרשרת ׳תנועה׳ - יצירה 2- ׳co׳

3. Replace a light bulb in the bedroom

Naama Shochat

רולו - שרשרת ׳תנועה׳ - יצירה 3 - ׳להחליף נורה בחדר השינה׳

4. Stain



Daria Yoeli

רולו - שרשרת ׳תנועה׳ - יצירה 2- ׳I'm Africa׳
רולו - שרשרת ׳תנועה׳ - יצירה 3 - ׳כתם׳


Oak where

7. Bushra

Ganun generation

רולו - שרשרת ׳תנועה׳ - יצירה 7 - ׳בושרא׳

8. From: "It was in the days of the Corona"

Joshua 'Shin' Glutman

רולו - שרשרת ׳תנועה׳ - יצירה 8

10. Unnamed

Light of David

Sometimes I had a home

Sometimes not

Sometimes the sun tried

to be

But not

Sometimes I had a mother

Sometimes not

Actually I was her


But not

Sometimes I had a home

Sometimes not

Sometimes remember last night



When I was alone I had a home

And you do not

When the heart felt like two



9. Unnamed

Gal Jungman

Do you remember when everything stopped, the junction stood desolate,

A traffic light in an orphaned city, like the one on the other side of the crosswalk.

Do you remember, electronic signs kept radiating

"Every corona has a corona origin," 

"It will be good" - sponsored by Dizengoff Center.

"We will stay in the house, we will go through it together" - under the auspices of the municipality.

And if the heavens were darkened and we were left in the house, what do you say?

Or maybe we passed a man at a traffic light and if we crossed a separation line.

And if the sign of a publican falls in the middle of the world, and no one knows. 

And if we have listened to the instructions, what do you say, we have washed our hands,   

We locked our door, in the living room we woke up alone in anxiety, if loneliness we chose, 

Loneliness is a non-contagious disease, it is a sign 

Falling at the crossroads of desolation, in solitude

It is a lonely disease.

- The creators -

Ilai Green

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